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The concept of Business Management was alien to the world of business a few decades ago. Need to manage a business enterprise scientifically evolved due to many globe sweeping trends. Globalization based on deregulated trade across national borders, travel, fast and efficient passage of information, growing competition, change of consumer needs, infusion of technology into business and household lives, and regional and global trade agreements created massive strides in the business world.

All such growing trends generated a world-wide demand for young graduates who are knowledgeable, and have the proper mix of competence and attitudes. These requirements cannot be met by a conventional degree program focusing on class room teaching and passing examinations.

All academic programs offered by the Faculty of Management of the Horizon Campus aim at personality building rather than providing knowledge and passing examinations. Our programs are designed with inputs from academic sources and industry and provide the right mix of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Degree Courses

The Faculty of Management offers the following 2 degree programs. Click to find out more about these degree programs.

     Bachelor of Science in Business Management (Human Resource Management)

     Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

During the first three years, students in both streams undertake the same modules while the 4th year involves specialized modules in the two degree programs.
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