Horizon Campus Successfully Holds First Student Orientation for 2017 for all UGC Degree Programs

The Management, Information Technology, and Education faculties of Horizon Campus held their first student orientation for this year on the 20th of March 2017. A large number of new students already enrolled for the undergraduate degree programs of the three faculties, attended the event. The 2017 undergraduate orientation program was graced by the Chairman of Horizon Group, Mr. Upul Daranagama. Mr. Daranagama stressed the importance of undergraduate education and the role of non-state sector institutions in fulfilling the dreams of thousands of Advanced Level students who do not get an opportunity to enroll in the state university system.

Horizon Campus’s undergraduate orientation day is organised as an event that helps the new undergraduate students to settle into the life of a university student. University student life is different in many ways to school life and Horizon Campus’s orientation day ensures that students understand the basics of their program, their rights and responsibilities, and gives useful guidelines on exams, coursework, lectures and many other academic and non-academic matters.

The orientation program concluded with an activity hour where the senior students of Horizon Campus warmly welcomed the freshers into their fold. The freshers and seniors got together and performed various acts such as songs and shorts skits. This fun activity helped the freshers to make friendships among themselves as well as get to know the seniors.