Course Structure

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Education (Honours) students must complete 120 credit points of study as follows:

75 Credit core units
20 credit points of elective specialization
10 credits of teaching practice
15 credits of Dissertation
Teaching Practice is compulsory for all candidates. This will be conducted in two stages as follows:
Stage I: The candidates will begin their Teaching Practice in the sixth semester in the school of their choice under a mentor/supervisor. They will teach two subjects per day for ten weeks amounting to 100 periods. An evaluator appointed by the coordinator will evaluate the teaching of the candidate at least in five periods.
Stage II: The candidates will be evaluated in two periods in a school nominated by the coordinator and evaluated by an evaluator appointed by the coordinator.
Please note: A candidate has to successfully complete Stage I to be called for Stage II of the Teaching Practice.

Year 1
Professional Core Courses
Philosophical Foundations of Education
Informational Communication Technology
General English
Educational Psychology
Sociology of Education
Teaching Methodology
English Language
Business Studies

Year 2
Professional Core Courses
Educational Measurements and Evaluation
Fundamentals of Primary Education
Comparative Education
Educational Guidance and Counselling
Curriculum Management
Fundamentals of Secondary Education

Year 3
Professional Core Courses
Educational Administration and Management
Contemporary Issues in Education
Health and Physical Education
Co-Curricular Activities
Presentation Techniques
Classroom Teaching Skills
Teaching Practice

Year 4
Professional Core Courses
Education Leadership
Special Education
E-Learning in Education
Multi- Cultural Education
Human Resource Management in Education
Research Methodology

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