Overview of the Degree Program

The Bachelor of Education in Biological Sciences (Hons) Degree programme has been developed to produce OL and AL Biology and Chemistry teachers for the Public and International schools.
The course outline of this Degree program has been jointly developed by Education experts from Horizon Campus in consultation with experts from National Institute of Education and Subject Specific Professors from academia and industry.
The programme which is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka and offered by the Horizon Campus consists of Biology, Chemistry and Professional & General Education components, along with field practicum.
Those who successfully complete the degree programme will be awarded the Bachelor of Education in Biological Sciences (Hons) Degree.
Degrees accredited by the MOHE are considered as eligible to join Sri Lanka Teacher Service as Class 2 – Grade II. For more details, please refer to the New Sri Lanka Teachers Service Minute (Gazzette No. 1885/38 dated 23-10-2014) available at
Bachelor of Education in Biological Science (Hons)
Developed By Horizon Campus
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