Bachelor of Information Technology in
Networking and Mobile Computing (Hons)
Course Structure

To qualify for the award of BSc (Hons) Information Technology, students must complete 120 credit points of study as follows:

Year 1 Courses :

IT and Computing Fundamentals
Programming Fundamentals
Discrete Mathematics
Leadership and Communication Skills
Entrepreneurship and Growing Business
Computer organization and Architecture
Information Management
Integrative Programming & Technologies
Emerging Technologies
Data Structures & Algorithms I

Total Credits Year 1: 30

Year 2 Courses

Social and Professional Issues
Data Communication
Software Design and Implementation
Software Construction Technologies & Tools
Object Oriented Programming
Data Structures & Algorithms II
Systems Analysis and Design
Information Architecture and web Development
Operating Systems
Seminar 1
Computer Networks
Enterprise Resource Planning

Total Credits Year 2: 30

Year 3 Courses

Software Architectures
Systems Admin & Maintenance
System Integration and Architecture
Mobile Application Development
Software Maintenance & Evolution
Service Oriented Computing
Network Programming
Software Project Management
Human Computer Interaction
Network Performance Analysis
Total Credits Year 3: 30

Year 4 Courses

Seminar II
Final year Project*
Cloud Computing
Computer Animation
Research Methods and Scientific Writing
Game Design and Development
Nature Inspired Algorithms
Intelligent Systems
Information Assurance and Network Security

Total Credits Year 4: 30

Total Credits of BSc (Hons) Information Technology: 120

This degree program includes months of supervised professional experience on 3rd year Internship and final year project work.
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