Functions & responsibilities of IQAU

It is suggested that the responsibilities of the IQAU should include among others the following activities:

Co‐ordination of all QA related activities within the institution;
Liaising with UGC/QAA Council and other external QA agencies;
Implementation of QA Reviews/Audits and follow‐up action;
Preparation of institutional self‐evaluation reports;
Provision of advice on QA to all Faculties and Departments;
Monitoring and guidance in Faculty level QA activities;
Organization, where necessary, of awareness programmes on QA for the staff members;
Implementation of Quality and QA aspects in the institution’s corporate plan;
Facilitation of identification and sharing of good practices among academic Departments;
Preparation of QA‐related guidelines and manuals for use within the institution (e.g. academic regulations, equipment manuals, laboratory manuals etc.);
Ensure the necessary Academic Regulations/By‐Laws are in place, and if not, make recommendations for remedial action;
Conducting of Staff Development Programs to Staff.

It is expected that IQAU will report to the Academic Senate on a monthly basis.
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