logo description

The components of the logo symbolize the following

The Hiker represents the act of moving forward while overcoming obstacles. The Earth is placed to convey the aim of protecting our planet by means of environment conservation. The Sun depicts the provision of energy and shows that our activities will be conducted with much enthusiasm and is also a visual representation of the term “beyond the horizon”. The Eagle is a bird of prey with sharp eyesight and aim. It represents the society’s focused vision and aims. The Leopard is a threatened species in Sri Lanka, suggesting wildlife conservation. However, leopards also symbolize physical strength suggesting the firmness of the society. Green Colour depicts Nature, safety and the Environment. The blue line around the earth depicts its atmosphere – protecting the earth as a shelter. Blue also represents the Campus. Red Colour symbolizes strength and power, and represents the Campus.

In order to create a new logo for the environmental society of the Horizon campus – Nature Beyond the Horizon (NatBeHo), a competition was organized among all the students of the Faculty of Science. Out of the numerous logos submitted the best one was selected and is displayed above.

The creator of this remarkable logo which carries the above described appreciative meaning is non other than Mr. Dilan Vedandamoorthy B.Sc. (Hons) Biotechnology batch 5.

The Secretary, Mr. Varuna presenting a Thank you letter to Mr. Dilan on behalf of NatBeHo.