Senior Treasurer

Mr. Dayupathi Eranda Nipunika Mandawala

Lecturer, Faculty of Science, Horizon Campus, Malabe

  • Dip (Bio-info), B.Sc (Biotech), M.Sc (Biotech), MBA (General)
  • Life Member and Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist at Sri Lanka Medical Council, Sri Lanka.
  • Life Member of Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science, Sri Lanka.
  • Registered Scientist at National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka.
  • Life Member of Golden key International Honor Society, Australia.
  • Member of AusBiotech, Australia.
  • Member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia.
  • General Member of the Young Zoologist Association of Sri Lanka.
  • General Member of Butterfly Conservation Society of Sri Lanka.
  • Life Member of Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka.
  • Former Scientist in-charge & Medical Laboratory Scientist at Asiri Center for Genomics and Regenerative Medicine, Asiri Surgical Hospital PLC, Sri Lanka.
  • Former Medical Laboratory Technologist at Asiri Laboratory Services, Asiri Medical Hopital PLC, Sri Lanka.
  • Former Research Scientist at Genetech, Sri Lanka.



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Yourshot – National Geographic

Dayupathi Eranda Nipunika Mandawala is an academic and core Biotechnologist by profession having excellent diagnostics, teaching, laboratory management and research skills. He is a recent management graduate with a biotechnology and bioinformatics background having total of nearly 8 years higher academic qualifications and over 5 years of work experience in health care, diagnostics, research laboratories and academic institutes. He is currently employed at Horizon Campus, Malabe as a full time lecturer in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics attached to the Faculty of Science. Recently he has developed a profound interest and love for wildlife and nature and taken up wildlife/nature photography as a hobby. He would like to call himself a self-taught amateur wildlife photographer particularly fascinated in birds.