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Overview of the Degree Programme

Duration :3 Years
Credits : 100
Institution : University of Moratuwa
Mode of Study : Full Time and Part Time
Type of award : Bachelors

The Bachelor Information Technology (BIT) programme of University of Moratuwa is offered to allow higher educational opportunities for a wider audience of citizens in Sri Lanka. The BIT programme is delivered by Horizon Campus with the collaboration of Centre for Open & Distance Learning (CODL) in two study modes: full time and part time.

This degree programme allows multiple entry points and multiple exit points. The programme workload is divided into three different levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 that are called the Diploma Level, the Higher Diploma Level and the Degree Level, respectively.

Each level consists of two semesters that end with examinations. By completing this degree programme you will be able to become a graduate of the University of Moratuwa which opens avenues for postgraduate studies while becoming an IT professional for tomorrow’s world with which you will be able to accelerate your career progression to enhance your employability.

Programme Structure

The Degree Programme allows multiple entry points and multiple exit points. The programme work load is divided into three different levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 which are also called the Diploma Level, the Higher Diploma Level and the Degree Level respectively. Each level consists of 2 semesters of 14 weeks duration and the examination period (Figure 1). Note that, no equivalent qualifications have been identified or approved for Diploma in IT or Higher Diploma in IT. However, exemptions are granted for HNDIT (SLIATE) as given under lateral entry.

The following are the credit requirements for the completion of the different levels of study.

Level 1 : 30 credits by offering level 1 course modules
Level 2 : 34 credits by offering level 2 course modules
Level 3 : 36 credits by offering level 3 course modules

The total requirement for graduation starting at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 are 100 credits, 70 credits and 36 credits respectively.

Entry Requirement

Level 1

An applicant may be considered for Admission to the BIT degree programme , if he/she has:

1. Three passes in the G.C.E. (A/L) examination in one sitting.


Any other educational / academic / professional qualification acceptable to the UoM Faculty Board and approved by the UoM Senate. An applicant who seek admission through other qualifications (not having A/L s) are required to pass the aptitude test.

Approved other qualifications are listed in the UoM Applicant Handbook Page number 3.


2. A credit pass for Mathematics in the G.C.E (O/L) examination

Level 2

To enter to the Higher Diploma programme an applicant must successfully complete the Diploma Programme.

Level 3

To enter to the Degree programme an applicant must successfully complete the Higher Diploma Programme.

Lateral Entry to BIT Degree

Under the revised syllabus, SLIATE students are required to complete the following modules in addition to the Level 3 modules based on their HNDIT specialization.

Curriculum of BIT

Following tables shows the courses approved on revised curriculum for BIT affected from 2018 Semester 1 together with the nature (C – Compulsory and E- Elective) and the credit rating.

Message from CODL


Software Developer
Software Engineer
Solution Architect
Test Analyst
Systems Engineer
Database Administrator
Network Administrator
Mobile Application Developer
Software Project Manager
Technical Project Manager


Lecture Panel

Dr. Amal Rajapakse

Dean, Faculty of IT

Ph.D. Computational Graph Theory (University of Mining & Metallurgy, Austria), MSc Computer Science (University of Wales, Cardiff, UK), BSc (Hons) Maths Special (PDN), PMP (USA), OCA (USA)

Ms. Samanthi Wickramasinghe

Senior Lecturer/Faculty of IT Executive in Quality Assurance

DBA (Lincoln University College, Malaysia - Reading), MSc in IT (Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK), BIT (UCSC), Dip. in QA in Higher Education (UNESCO), MCS (SL)

Mr. Daminda Herath

Senior Lecturer


Ms. Nipuni Upeksha

Lecturer, Faculty of IT

PG.Dip in Computer Science (SJP), BIIT(Hons)(UWU), MCS(SL), ICASL (CAB I)

Mr. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

Lecturer, Faculty of IT

B.Sc (Special) in Statistics (SJP)

Ms. Tharushika Gunawardana

Lecturer, Faculty of IT

B.Sc. in IT (RUSL)