Career Guidance Unit

The Campus is committed to provide a planned program of career education, information and guidance for all its undergraduates through Career Guidance Unit (CGU) from the enrollment until they are graduated. This places a duty on CGU of the Campus to provide undergraduates access to careers, education, information and guidance in three identified areas namely:

– Career guidance and ‘soft skills’ development;
– Industrial placement program and,
– Promotion of ethnic and social cohesion and harmony in the Campus.

The policy of CGU is intended to bring together all guidance/regulation and information regarding career guidance activities of the Horizon Campus and thus, CGU policy document is a clearly written, accessible policy document on planning and undertaking of career guidance activities. Information and guidance include objectives of having career guidance programs in Horizon Campus and general guidelines, by-laws, responsibilities and duties of the responsible persons.

The student counselling at Horizon campus provides services which promote the personal development and psychological well-being of students. Students have the opportunity to privately and confidentially discuss their various psychological, social or any other difficulty they face during their university education with the student counsellor and obtain necessary support. All information is kept confidential.

Students can reach counselling unit through following options.



To provide maximum employment opportunities to graduates with minimum wait time through proper guidance and to present a diverse cluster of contributors to the workforce.


To facilitate career development of undergraduate students by enchancing thier professionalism, mannerism, team spirit, communication skills and leadership, in order to enable them to meet the competencies demanded by prospective employers.


The goal of the career guidance unit is to provide assistance and guidance to students to make their academic planning and career choices by providing a holistic learning experience; launching them in to the workforce as more empowered individuals.
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