Career Guidance Unit

The Campus is committed to provide a planned program of career education, information and guidance for all its undergraduates through Career Guidance Unit (CGU) from the entrance until they are graduated. This places a duty on CGU of the Campus to provide undergraduates access to careers, education, information and guidance in three identified areas namely:

– Career guidance and ‘soft skills’ development;
– Industrial placement program and,
– Promotion of ethnic and social cohesion and harmony in the Campus.

The policy of CGU is intended to bring together all guidance/regulation and information regarding career guidance activities of the Horizon Campus and thus, CGU policy document is a clearly written, accessible policy document on planning and undertaking of career guidance activities. Information and guidance include objectives of having career guidance programs in Horizon Campus and general guidelines, by-laws, responsibilities and duties of the responsible persons.


To provide satisfied and maximum employment opportunities of graduates with minimum waiting time through proper guidance and ultimately assure them to gain high living standard.


To facilitate the career development of undergraduate students through professionalism, mannerism, unity, communication and leadership and enabling them to meet employers’ prospects by offering diversity of services to increase competencies required by the world of work.


The goal of the career guidance is to provide assistance and guidance to students for making their career choices, academic planning and exploring future professions and placement opportunities.
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