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Welcome to the Faculty of Education, Horizon Campus. We look forward to seeing you joined our educational community.

The goal of our most diverse team is to promote your professional and scholarly growth as a reflective, caring, competent and innovative educator. Our mission is shaped by a commitment to equity and social justice, and at Horizon we offer specialized programming to enrich your experience.

Since its foundation, the Faculty of Education has provided a significant contribution to the field, through its scholarly involvement in projects and initiatives, and by means of its engagement in research and policy making. While the faculty’s commitment to teacher formation is central, it also serves society by offering a wide range of courses in Education, ranging from early childhood to adulthood, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Through its programmes, aimed at the formation and the continuing professional development of professional and expert educators, the faculty responds to social change which shapes educational contexts. Addressing this change and proposing innovations, based on research and reflection, leads to further growth which the Faculty embraces in order to be of service to the society. This is also achieved by addressing different educational needs, and giving value to them, while focusing on the development of learners by contributing to his/her individual formation. The Faculty of Education is proud of its graduates and students and welcomes all learners, scholars, partners and stakeholders who seek to learn more about its courses, initiatives and projects.

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Bachelor of Education (BEd) Programme

General objectives of BEd Program has been developed to produce competent, committed and dedicated teachers who are much needed for both public and private sector schools in Sri Lanka.

The programme which is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka and offered by the Horizon Campus consists of professional and general components along with field practicum.

At Horizon, we provide a modern teaching and learning atmosphere that includes both personal coaching and mentoring by highly qualified teachers as well as state-of the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in which students and teachers interact via computer-based learning tools.

After completing the degree, if you are not already employed, your employment prospects will be excellent as the private education sector is fast- growing in Sri Lanka. You may also secure employment in the state sector as there is a demand for English medium teachers. You may also try to get a teaching appointment abroad.

General objective of the BEd Programme: 
The overall objective of our BEd programme is to develop competent teachers who will be able to confidently and effectively face the educational challenges of the 21 st century classrooms.

Goals of the BEd Programme:
To enable teachers to facilitate student centred interactive and individualized learning according to the psychological and sociological needs of the child.

To equip the teachers with the ability to perceive classroom contexts, philosophically and orient the students to face the emerging challenges of national integration and development adherering to democratic ideals.
To promote, skills of planning lessons, adopt suitable modalities and techniques of teaching and learning by utilizing appropriate methodology and technology in classroom teaching - learning contexts.

To enable teacher trainee to identify varying problems and hazards that are persistent in children and guide them and adopt appropriate techniques of school counselling.

To facilitate specialization in selected pedagogical disciplines.

To expose the teachers to educational problems and issues and encourage research leading to inquiry testing, analysis and propose solutions.

To create excellence in professionalism among the new generation of teaches and to encourage continuous professional development.

To empower the new teachers to develop skills to engage in health and recreational activities for children.

To develop competencies, plan, organize and implement co - curricular activities in the school setting for enhancement of personal attributes of the children.

To develop a sense of accountability, adaptability and empathy though building up linkages and collaborative partnerships with authorities, colleagues parents and the community in facing the challenges of the new millennium and the impact of globalization of education.

Teaching Practice is compulsory for all candidates including those who may laterally exit.

Stage I : They will teach two subjects per day for ten weeks amounting to 100 periods. An evaluator appointed by the coordinator will evaluate the teaching of the candidate at least for five periods.

Stage II : The candidates will be evaluated for two periods in a school nominated by the coordinator and evaluated by an evaluator appointed by the coordinator.

Please note : A candidate has to successfully complete Stage I to be called for Stage II of the Teaching Practice.

General Admission Criteria to BEd programme
Three passes in GCE (A/L) or its equivalent.  But each case has to be decided individually.