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International education can mean many different things and its definition is debated. Some have defined two general meanings according to its involvement of students. The first refers to education that transcends national borders by the exchange of people, for example, by students travelling to study at an international branch campus, as part of a study abroad program or as part of a student exchange program. The second is a comprehensive approach to education that intentionally prepares students to be active and engaged participants in an interconnected world. This would be done trans-nationally, with all facilities provided at a local centre, with “accessibility” and “affordability” being key components of this method of international education.

It is keeping with this vision of providing the opportunity for local and foreign students to read for an international Degree programme, that Horizon Campus has partnered with 3 International Universities, namely, The University of London International Programmes, Nilai University, Malaysia, & Arkansas State University, United States. Currently Horizon Campus provides for over 6 degree programmes in a wide ranging field from Law, Accounting, Economics, Banking, Bio-Technology, Business Management etc, which are mostly 3 year degree programmes, conducted on full time & part time basis. The Bio-technology degree is offered through Nilai University, Malaysia. All Business related degrees and the Law degree is offered through the UoL, UK, while a further degree in Biotechnology is also offered through AState, USA. The curriculums that are taught would refer to the recognized International standards in the given field of study, with reference to the local perspective, be it UK, US or Malaysia. In this sense, the degree student is assured of getting a true insight into the international setting and workings of the selected area of study.

Not only is Horizon Campus keen on offering the most discerning student the opportunity of studying for a degree of choice, but also keen to make learning affordable. With this at heart, Horizon has also offered merit scholarships for students who have selected to study certain degree programmes, which may be costly for most. Further details with regards to the International Degree programmes on offer, admission criteria, costs involved could be obtained by contacting the respective coordinator at the Campus.

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Message from the Dean

Dr. K. Ruwan Perera

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Dean - Faculty of Law

LLB, LLM, Ph.D., (Hull, UK)

A very warm Welcome to all Registered and Prospective students to the Law Faculty of Horizon Campus!

The Law Faculty of Horizon Campus brings together highly qualified members of the legal profession to provide students with a range of transformative experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. It is this experience gained over the past 8 years that has prompted the University of London to recognize the Faculty as a “Recognised Centre” for the delivery of its prestigious Bachelor of Laws Programme. We are proud to have achieved this accolade in the fastest possible time in Sri Lanka.

We have a talented, diverse and energetic community of staff and students, each of whom brings his or her own perspectives, experiences and ideas to the study and understanding of the law. This diversity allows for a rich learning environment. Our international partnerships connect us to two leading law schools in the United Kingdom, namely the University of London, which offers the LLB and the Birmingham City University, which offers the Masters in Law, specializing in International Human Rights & International Law.

Since our inception in 2011, we have always looked for new and better ways to teach and develop the law and we would continue to provide the students the “Whole University Experience”, rather than reading for their degree at a study Centre.

While I welcome you to the Faculty of Laws, it is also my fervent hope that students who make the decision to read for their Undergraduate and Post-graduate degrees at Horizon Campus will enjoy their student life and ensure that you succeed at your selected programme of study.



Bachelor of LAW (LLB)

In a world where degrees and degree providers are proliferating, the University of London LLB offers the security of an internationally recognized qualification.

Also being the first University to offer a degree in English law, the University of London maintains the reputation of the program because international programmes students are marked to the same high standards as the campus-based students.

You want to obtain an LLB degree of international standing which has provided the first step on a career route for many thousands of practicing lawyers worldwide.

You wish to develop a critical awareness of the common law legal tradition and be able to apply analytical and problem solving skills in a range of legal and non-legal settings.

You would like to enhance your key skills of communication, information management, analysis and problem solving.

Minimum entry requirements for the above program are as follows;

  • London A/L with 2 " E " passes.
  • Local A/L with 2 "C" passes.
  • Minimum age requirement is 17 +

* decitions taken at the discretion of the University of London.

Duration : 3 Years | Credits : 360 | Institution : UNIVERSITY OF LONDON | Mode of Study : Full Time | Type of award : LL.B

Master of Laws - International Human Rights (BCU)

Minimum 2:2 class UK degree or international equivalent in any subject area.

Duration : 1 Years | Credits : 180| Institution : Birmingham City University | Mode of Study : Full Time | Type of award : International Human Rights - LLM

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law)

The CertHE Common Law is a qualification in its own right that also provides an entry route to degree study.

The modules studied in the CertHE Common Law are the same as the Level 4 modules of the LLB. The CertHE Common Law may be studied either full time or part-time. Students must have registered through, and be studying at, a teaching institution recognised by the University for these purposes.

You have the ability, motivation and selfdiscipline to study at degree level but do not have the qualifications usually required to enter a degree programme.

You have the necessary qualifications to embark on a degree programme, but would prefer a programme with more teaching support.

You intend to undertake a degree programme but would like to gain a recognised qualification after one year.

Minimum entry requirements for the above program are as follows,

  • Local or London GCE O/L with 4C passes Inclusive of English.
  • Minimum age requirement is 18 +

* decisions taken at the discretion of the University of London.

You can achieve a law qualification in some of the core legal subjects without committing to the full LLB programme, but with the option to go on to the full LLB programme.

You can complete the CertHE Common Law in a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.
The CertHE Common Law is rigorously examined by University of London approved academics.

You can transfer to the LLB programme after successful completion of three modules, including Legal system and method.

You must register with a recognised teaching institution so that you can benefit from the extra tuition support.

Duration : 1 Years | Credits : 120 | Institution : UNIVERSITY OF LONDON | Mode of Study : Full Time | Type of award : Certificate (Formally Diploma)