English Language Teaching Unit Overview

The English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) of the Horizon Campus was established in 2020, to cater to the demanding needs of undergraduates to be competent and confident in English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. It aims to enhance English Language proficiency, both fluency and accuracy to challenge the national and global demands with the ability to discover new knowledge, develop innovative applications, and transferring information into challenging contexts. By quality improvement of our students, they could become more competent, confident and turned to be fully-fledged scholars and higher achievers not only in the world of academia but also in the competitive world of work.

The ELTU facilitates all the students in each faculty both on general and specific purposes in enhancing four language skills at macro and micro levels. They are offered interactive student-centered approach in English language teaching both at on-site and online sessions based on our own curricula which are reviewed in every two years. At the orientation, based on students’ needs analyses, a “Bridging Course”, “Communication Skills” and “English for Academic Purposes (EAP 1/ 11/ 111)” are offered as compulsory courses to enhance English language proficiency. In addition, the University Grants Commission (UGC) approved English language courses are conducted throughout the year, and when the need arises by faculties English for Specific purposes (ESP) is offered. The ELTU does both summative and formative evaluation coupled with individual feedback as mastery of English language is a life skill. Along with English the syllabi offer equal weight to language skills to cater to individual needs, personal and career development, academic and soft skills to challenge the supply-demand chain at local and global entities.

Courses Offered

– Communication Skills – Bridging Course
– Communication Skills Program (UGC Approved)
– English for Academic Purposes – Level 1(EAP 1)
– English for Academic Purposes – Level 2 (EAP 2)
– English for Academic Purposes – Level 3 (EAP 3)
– Basic Academic English (BAE)
– Communication Skills and Technical Writing (BIT)
– Study Skills and English (Faculty of Law)
– Public Speaking

Co-curricular Activities

– IELTS Initiative Program
– Interactive Speaking Platform
– English for World of Work
– English for Enrichment
– Community Projects

Apart from teaching the core subjects the ELTU offers the above co-curricular activities to create interactive participation and to develop personality, team spirits, moral values, and ethics. Such social skills and relationship-building programs assist to develop relationship skills and, in many cases, lasting friendships. In addition, students learn to manage their time effectively, prioritize among different competing commitments, and be proactive and creative problem-solvers. Furthermore, co-curricular activities offer range of possibilities to develop and nurture various personal interests. It also develops students’ self-esteem and commitment. Participation in community projects develops an increased sense of social accountability and a heart for sharing and caring the needy. Such activities provide opportunities to apply academic learning in realistic contexts while social link with peers on collaborative efforts expose students to diversity, multiculturism and social inclusivity. The above co-curricular activities improve life-long communication, interpersonal and critical thinking skills while the students are empowered to find their passions and interests in career choices as a fully-fledged scholar.


Director - English Language Teaching Unit

Message from the Director ELTU

Welcome to the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) of Horizon Campus. ELTU was established in 2020, as an independent body to fulfill the English language learning needs of the undergraduate students of each faculty. Our mission is to provide standard and quality language teaching and learning experiences to English as a Second Language (ESL) multi-ethnic and multi-cultural students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to expand their horizons in life.
The dedicated ELTU team of academics designs and develops the required curricula, both on credited core subjects and non-credited subjects, and conduct lectures for Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Sciences. English as a Second Language (TESL) is considered a life-long, unique skill and the ELTU is committed to serving, imparting and enhancing English language skills to develop language proficiency, competence and self-confidence in students. We aim to create a generation empowered with 21st century skills preparing them for the worlds of academia and work.
To cater to the leaner diversity at the inception, the ELTU offers a ‘Bridging Course’ laying a strong foundation for future learning. The bridging course covers the macro skills of English language, basic English grammar and expands vocabulary. The second stage is based on the University Grants Commission (UGC) approved ‘Communication Skills’ course for each faculty. In addition, under the English language curricula designed by the ELTU, the next layer further enhances language proficiency of the learners by the English for Academic Purposes (EAP 1), English for Academic Purposes (EAP 11), and English for Academic Purposes (EAP 111) on their progressive ladder respectively.


Panel of Lecturers

Dr. Sudharma Gajadeera Wickramasuriya

Director - English Language Teaching Unit

Ph.D – University of Wollongong , N.S.W, Australia
M.Ed University of Wollongong , N.S.W, Australia
B’Ed – Harriot Watt University, Edinburgh , United Kingdom
B. A – Sri Jayawardenapura University, Gangodawila , Sri Lanka
Diploma in TESOL- National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka
English Teacher Training – Bolawalana Training College, Sri Lanka.

Mr.Tharindu Perera

Senior Lecturer

MA in Teaching Literature in an ESL Context (PGIE), BA (Hons.) in English and ELT (OUSL), BSc. (Hons.) in Psychology (Reading) (OUSL), Diploma in English & ELT (OUSL), Advanced Diploma in English Language, Literature and Business Communication (ICHES – UK)

Ms.Gayani Wijesundara

Senior Lecturer

PhD in Education (Lincoln University College, Malaysia – Reading), MA in Teaching Literature (PGIE), BA (Hons) in English (OUSL), Diploma in English & ELT (OUSL)

Mr.Dayal K. Baduraliya


Bachelor of Education (Hons.), National Diploma in Teaching (English)


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