Faculty of Engineering Overview

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at the Horizon Campus.

Through the modern teaching and learning atmosphere that includes state-of-the-art Learning Environments at Horizon Campus, we aim to advance explorations, applications and professions in the fields of engineering and design.

Build the future. Join the next generation of engineers in some of the world’s fastest-moving industries. To meet the needs of a rapidly-evolving and complex world, we have imagined and created a future-focused, interdisciplinary learning programme. You will;

  • gain practical skills in placements across traditional and emerging industries
  • build strong foundations in innovation, creative thinking and excellence
  • learn not just technical skills, but what it’s like to have patents, awards and company directorship on your resume from experts in their field.

Degree Programmes at a Glance

Horizon campus offers a Diploma in Engineering with a pathway to Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (Hons). Whichever degree program you select, your experience will be intellectually fulfilling within and outside the classroom. You'll come to learn how this diverse discipline will allow you flexibility in your future career path. Civil and Industrial engineering are few of the fastest growing and most sought-after professions in the world.
Degree Programs

Prof. Sisuru Sendanayake

BSc. Eng (Hons),MSc., PhD.

Given the enormous challenges the world is facing today, engineering higher education is undergoing rapid changes. So much so that, even the student centred education has to have a multi-dimensional approach to produce competitive and confident graduates who can stand up to modern day engineering problems.
The need is to encourage students to pursue new knowledge while equipping themselves with hands on experience and developing vital skills such as cognitive, analytical and communication skills which will be instrumental in shaping sharp and smart engineers. At the same time, inculcating social skills such as team work, right attitudes and excellent inter-personal and presentation skills are also vitally important to develop a world class engineering graduate.
At Horizon Campus, our mission is to guide young engineering hopefuls to become world class engineers who can secure top engineering positions anywhere in the world.
The Faculty of Engineering would be offering BSc Eng (Hons) degree programs in the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Mechatronics and Automation, Electronics and Computer Systems, Automotive Engineering and Chemical and Process Engineering with many more degree programs in engineering in the pipeline. The faculty has also partnered with world ranking universities to offer the preliminary years of their engineering degree programs in Sri Lanka.
With the right blend of highly qualified and experienced academics and well equipped modern laboratories and infrastructure facilities, the students are assured of a friendly and interactive environment to pursue their dreams and achieving the goal of becoming world class engineering professionals.


Panel of Lecturers

The Faculty of Engineering is staffed with a wealth of experienced and resourceful dean, senior lecturers, assistant lecturers and academic coordinators. The lecturers incorporate a holistic approach in the teaching process to inculcate the right skills, values and industry practices. Through the combination of the fully structured curriculum and industry training, they ensure that the students are fully prepared to overcome the challenges of the workplace and contribute to the national and global economy as productive citizens.

Dr. Harsha Galaboda

Senior Lecturer

Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Ph.D (University of Moratuwa), Msc ((University of Moratuwa),
MEng (UK),B.Eng (UK)
AM IESL, [email protected],

Ms. Maitryei Sivalingam

Senior Lecturer

MPhil in Computer Systems Engineering (Reading), University of Kelaniya
MSc in Applied Electronics, University of Colombo
MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UWE, Bristol, UK

Mr. Dasith Ranathunga

DBA-Business Admin (UoK-SL)), M.Eng-Automotive Systems (Wolverhampton-U.K),
M.Sc- Robotics (Salford-U.K),,B.Sc-software( Java Institute)


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