Faculty of Nursing Overview

Sri Lanka is known globally for its outstanding service to the nation from the health services sector. It is vital to develop the health care sector at a local and international level. The Covid 19 pandemic highlighted the need to organize and contribute to an efficient health system that can provide safe and effective care to the population. The Faculty of Nursing is armed with a state-of-the-art equipment and technology and with local and international faculty to provide quality education and a platform for Sri Lankan Nurses to excel in their careers with an internationally accepted qualification.

Degree Programmes at a Glance

Degree Programs

Ms. Nadeeka Jayasinghe

Bachelor of Nursing (Aust), Post Grad Cert Critical Care (Aust), Post Grad Dip in International Health (Aust), MBA (UK)


Nursing has evolved over the last decades from a skill-based profession to one that is knowledge and academic based. We are glad to have partnered with one of the highest ranked universities for Nursing in United Kingdom – Birmingham City University. With a local and international academic panel, we offer a comprehensive “top-up” Nursing degree for local nurses who currently have a 3 year Nursing Diploma in Sri Lanka. The completion of this degree would support nurses in their career growth in Sri Lanka whilst providing pathways to international careers.  I encourage our nursing students to engage in research and evidence- based practice during their time at Horizon Campus as these academic components are extremely important in their professional journey.

The Faculty of Nursing at Horizon Campus aims to create an inclusive, respectful environment within the classrooms, and we hope to make an impact to the global health care system with each of your input and leadership. I hope to bring my own experience through my Nursing career in Australia and the Middle East to our own department and with our team of academics we hope to give you a wholesome experience during your time at Horizon.


Panel of Lecturers




Research is a compulsory module for every academic program of the Horizon Campus. As we are well aware of the importance of carrying out researches, we have created a learning culture that promotes researches within various disciplines. Every student..



Alumni association is the main body of the passed out graduates of Horizon Campus. Being a member of the alumni association bring you many benefits. It enables you to stay connected with the fellow graduates and lecturers and obtain new career opport..