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Why read for a “Gold Standard” Bachelor of Laws from the University of London at Horizon Campus?

Q :  What is the University of London LLB and how long has it been in operation in Sri Lanka

A: The University of London International Programmes are offered in over 150 countries worldwide with over 50,000 students reading for degrees at Recognised Institutions around the World. The University of London has been offering degrees for over 100 years and the Bachelor of Laws is one of its flagship products delivered through its partner Universities.

The University of London International programmes are delivered through a consortium of 18 leading colleges, with 6 colleges taking the lead, namely the London School of Economics, Birkbeck, UCL, SOAS, Kings College and Queen Mary in offering academic leadership to the LLB programme. The University of London LLB is the first and the longest standing LLB programme to be delivered in Sri Lanka and to be recognised by the Sri Lanka Law College. Eminent Sri Lankan legal luminary, Justice C.G Weeramantri, Nelson Mandela & Dr.Ralph Payet are amongst many personalities who are proud alumnus of the University and the LLB programme.

Q :  Why is this any different to the other LLB programmes in operation in the country?

A: The University of London degrees are famed for its strict adherence to quality assurance. The degrees are strictly accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency of the UK and the delivery is reviewed annually through the University Evaluation processes. All subjects of the respective degree programmes and very specially the LLB, is assessed through year end examinations, which are marked by internal examiners at the University themselves.

If one is to analyze the yearly rankings of UK Universities, one would identify that all partner Universities of the University of London International programmes are in the Top 40 of the 100+ Universities in the UK and this is testament to the fact that these Universities are recognized for their academic quality/Research/employability etc..

The student who reads for a University of London LLB will most definitely be challenged by this degree programme, but will be assured in the fact that he/she will be assessed on that knowledge and be confident of the fact of future prospects in the industry.

Q : About Horizon Campus:

A: Horizon Campus is a Ministry of Higher Education(MoHE) approved and University Grants Commission(UGC) recognised Degree awarding Institution formed 10 years ago. Apart from its recognitions from the MoHE, The Campus is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities(ACU) as well as the American Council of Education(ACE).

It also holds the distinction of having membership in 2 foreign Quality Assurance Agencies in the World, namely the APQN & INQAAHE, which has been achieved after sufficient QA audits done on the campus over the years. The Campus currently boasts of 6 faculties in the fields of Management, IT, Science, Technology, Education and Law, with a strong student population of over 2500 students. The academics of the Campus is under the able tutelage of Prof.S.J.B.A Jayasekara, the Vice chancellor who was the 2 time Vice Chancellor of University of Wayaba, Sri Lanka.

The Campus currently offers 12 Undergraduate degree programmes in the above mentioned Faculties with pathways to Postgraduate degrees offered in the fields of Management, Education and the Laws. It has currently partnered with 5 excellent Universities in Malaysia, the United States and the UK, with the University of London being the “Jewel in the Crown” of its International partnerships.

The campus is currently located in Malabe with a center operating in Kandy and is scheduled to move to its state of the art, new Campus in April of 2021, which is estimated to be the largest Private sector investment in education in the 21st Century in Sri Lanka. The intention of this investment is to provide the students with better facilities befitting a Non-State sector Education Institution.Q :  What does Horizon Campus offer prospective students in comparison to other Institutions?

A: As mentioned above, what differentiates Horizon campus from other institutes which offer the Bachelor of Laws is several. The LLB offered at Horizon campus is a “Gold Standard” degree with the best QA assured standards worldwide. It is also assured that this degree is recognized by the Sri Lanka Law College.

Horizon Campus is not an institution that simply offers the LLB as a degree programme. The campus provides the students the opportunity of interacting/mingling with students of all walks of life with different interests from management/IT, sciences, Education etc… It is paramount that a Campus student needs to build that network of friends/colleagues, which will be useful in one’s career in future.

Furthermore, Horizon campus offers the freedom to students to build and develop their stature as Undergraduate students, through the many Extra and Co-curricular activities such as the Law Society/Mooting/sports activities/Student council activities etc within Campus. From a academic perspective, The Laws faculty also has a very vibrant and approachable group of lecturers, the majority of whom have been in Horizon since its inception.

The faculty also has partnered with Birmingham City University, to offer LL.M programmes in the field of International Human Rights and International Law, for prospective students of the LL.B programme.

We are also proud to have been acknowledged by the University of London to have achieved excellent pass rates over the years, with the most recent academic year producing a pas rate of 93% for the LLB, across the 3 year programme.

While the cost factor might be a concern for parents, the Campus has also long run a merit scholarship scheme for students who have done well at the GCE examinations and who show potential to succeed in this degree programme.

Q :  Why make the decision to read for the LLB at Horizon Campus

A: What Horizon campus offers students is “Assurance, Accessibility & Affordability” in reading for the Bachelor of Laws programme offered through the University of London, as mentioned in above. All prospective students and parents seeking the best possible option to read for the LLB programme are warmly welcomed to meet/speak the senior staff of the Campus and the Laws faculty before making the choice of their institution and degree.

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