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(2018), -"The Connection of Employer Branding to Recruitment: A Critique", Kelaniya Journal of Human Resource Management, (Volume 13), 37,

The present paper reviews and summarizes the key findings of research on the connection of employer branding to employee recruitment with the prime focus of bridging the lacuna in extant literature, due to the inconsistency of aforesaid association across different contexts. Hence, building on social identity theory and job signaling theory, a content analysis of relevant research articles up to date was conducted. It is found that, more the organization/employer looks prestigious the more potentials will get attracted to the organization as being a member of it will improve the self-image too. Also found that, more the organizational attributes do match the personality / personalities of job seeks and communicate it properly, more the potentials will get attracted. The findings of the current review support the general notion that the congruence between individual identity and organizational identity plays a critical role in employer branding which in turn positive outcomes in the domain of recruitment.

(Kelaniya Journal of Human Resource Management)