At Horizon Campus, we not only focus on academics. We encourage students to engage in sports in order to build up their personality, improve physical and mental wellbeing, inculcate leadership skills and boost self-esteem. We are well-equipped with a spacious playground, basketball court, badminton court, swimming pool and indoor sports facilities. Our coaches are ready to nurture the skills of our students and guide them to achieve their sports aspirations.



Chess Club at Horizon Campus welcomes players of all levels and those who are interested in learning to enjoy the game of chess and meet new people. Chess provides the opportunity to teach students how to think their way through solving complex problems. This allows Allowing students from all backgrounds to participate in a common game and organize chess tournaments within the campus to allow for competitive play.


Cricket is one of the most famous sports among the undergraduates of Horizon campus. Competitive and vibrant players are actively engaged in playing cricket and they participate in numerous tournaments. Trained by experienced coaches, we aspire to develop the skills of the young players as well as the advanced players, enabling them to achieve their sports ambitions.


Playing football helps with building strength, enhancing heart health and developing aerobic capacity. New players who wish to learn new skills are also warmly welcomed to join the football team. The university football team features ambitious and competitive players who have won many achievements at interuniversity tournaments.


Basketball is widely famous among the male undergraduates as well as the female undergraduates of the university. Our talented basketball players have earned a name through solid achievements in various interuniversity tournaments. New members are also warmly welcomed to join our basketball team, to upscale their skills and to boost their personality.


Carrom is a game that requires quick thinking, analytical thinking and sharp focus. Any student who likes to play carom can join our team and learn how to get better at carom. A huge number of male and female students have joined us to enhance their skills and learn lifelong lessons. They are trained by experienced coaches to promote the development of various skills.


As the national sport of Sri Lanka, volleyball is well popular among male and female undergraduates of Horizon Campus. Playing volleyball helps to burn calories, improving hand-eye coordination and enhancing aerobic activity. It also facilitates team spirit and leadership qualities. Our players have brought pride to the university through various achievements over these years.


Swimming is a great way to work the entire body. Swimming helps with enhancing overall fitness, boosting mental health and burning the calories. Our talented swimmers have displayed excellent skills at various interuniversity tournaments bringing glory to Horizon. We cordially invite young players to join us for a wonderful journey in swimming.


Badminton is one of the most prominent sports among our students. Anyone who wants to become their best in Badminton are warmly welcomed to join the Badminton team of the Horizon campus. Badminton offers a host of benefits for the players including enhancing mental health, helping in weight loss and increasing body density.