Horizon Multi-disciplinary Research Journal (HMRJ) is a high quality, bi-annual, double blind peer reviewed multi-disciplinary research journal published by the Horizon College of Business and Technology, Malabe, Sri Lanka. HMRJ provides a platform for local and international academia and professionals to impart and share knowledge in the form of Research Papers, Reviews/Resource Articles and Short Research Communications/Technical Advances etc.

HMRJ has removed all formatting requirements for the initial submission of manuscripts to the journal. Under this provision, new manuscripts or manuscripts previously prepared for other journal/s (but not accepted), can be submitted to HMRJ as it is without formatting/ reformatting requirements. As long as manuscript contains a title, author list, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion and a reference list, HMRJ will be happy to process the submission through our normal procedures, irrespective of exactly how it is formatted. The manuscript will then be go-through a formal, but quick reviewing process to check its contents and suitability to be published in HMRJ. Once the manuscript is provisionally accepted for publication, then only it needing to be reformatted to HMRJ style. The review process itself will proceed in exactly the same way as appeared below.

View the Document : 2KMM 3RDSubmission Process.

The provisionally accepted manuscript should be prepared according to the HMRJ style and relevant details on manuscript preparation and submission are given in detail in the GUIDELINEs TO PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPTS. Once you have prepared the manuscript (i.e. re-submission I), hard copy of the manuscript should be posted to the Editorial Office, with a covering letter, CHECKLIST FOR AUTHORS, and dully signed AUTHORS’ RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENT. Above forms could be downloaded using the (click here to DOWNLOAD above docs). In addition, the electronic version of the manuscript should also be submitted online (click here for E-SUBMISSION) to the Editorial Office using the following web links. Authors submitting research articles must furnish a signed AUTHORS’ RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENT. For initial submission, the manuscript can be submitted as a single pdf or as an individual word file together with all the tables and figure. Once you have submitted your manuscript, status of the manuscript could be tracked online (click here to ON-LINE TRACKING) using your user name and the password provided by the editorial office. For help with submissions (click here for HELP), please contact:  We look forward to your submission.